Have you taken a break today?

By Matter

Do you ever get to that point where you’ve worked on a project for so long, eyes glazed over, gone through edits and re-edits, and you just need a fresh perspective? I’ve been told many times by managers to just put it away and get back to it later.  In a fast-paced, overloaded world, it’s a hard pill to swallow to understand that sometimes you need to disconnect in order to reconnect.

This is something that applies to work and personal life alike. Let’s face it; working in the PR industry is not a walk in the park. It’s fast paced, demanding, and can definitely be stressful. Not to forget about the exciting, fun, and rewarding aspects, of course.

 Here’s a fun fact for everyone: CNBC named Public Relations Executives the 2nd “Most Stressful Jobs in America” in 2011 just behind commercial airline pilots.

My point being, we as PR professionals sometimes need to pull away in order to come back and see the big picture. For this exact reason, Matter values the well being (and sanity) of their employees, and has created a sanctuary in the newly-expanded Newburyport office. The recently-renovated kitchen serves as place for Matter employees to gather together for breakfast, lunch, or even a Friday afternoon beverage.

Our new office addition only reinforces the need to, and benefits of, stepping back from the crazy day-to-day that is PR. Take that extra couple of minutes to drink some coffee and read the paper. Sit with some co-workers to talk about trends they’re seeing, or concepts they find interesting. Find a little lunch group that meets for a half hour at lunch (or breakfast, for you early risers). Make sure to laugh every day.

 The point is: TAKE THE BREAK. If no one has ever told you to do this, consider this my gift to you. Take a break, regroup and then go back to being the PR rockstar you are.