How Colors Influence Buying Habits

By Matter

Do you ever find yourself in a store deciding on a product that has multiple brand options to choose from? I have found myself in this situation more times than I’d like to admit. I will read the benefits of each item, and possibly look up some reviews, but more often than not, the winning factor is the package design. As a graphic designer, I will admit that, yes, I purchase an outrageous number of items based on the packaging.

Marketers know how easily influenced today’s buyers are, and thanks to packaging designers and a plethora of emotionally charged color pallets available, we’re all susceptible. It’s been proven that people react to different colors with different emotions, and manufactures have taken notice.

Specific colors can trigger various thoughts or feelings. For example, clearance sale signs are usually in red because red signifies a sense of urgency. Blue is the color of trust, loyalty and integrity, which would explain why the majority of banks are associated with this color. Products that are marketed towards women are associated with pink and purple. These two colors, often seen in the beauty sections, signify compassion, love and imagination.

So next time you’re shopping, remember that the items you gravitate towards were more than likely specifically targeting you based on the layout of colors and design!

For more “colorful facts”, check out this infographic by KissMetrics.