How PR made my transition to Matter a breeze

By Matter

I joined the Matter team earlier this month, and already I feel like one of the gang. Do I still have a lot to learn? Yeah. Do I still forget where to find my colleagues’ offices? Sure. But from the moment I arrived members of the Matter team went out of their way to meet me, chat for a while, and learn about the road that brought me to Newburyport. 

Would this have happened in a healthcare organization? Maybe. A software company? Less likely. For a PR agency, though, my experience shouldn’t surprise any of us. PR stands for public relations, after all. The Matter crowd is full of expert conversationalists and seasoned fact-finders. Our craft is to learn as much as we can about our clients and their technology, the latest news, reporters, and each other to communicate the right information to the right people at the right time. You might even call us communication machines, programmed with droves of catalogued information and an exponentially expanding list of probing questions. 

Well done, Matter. There’s no place like home, among sharp, inquisitive minds.