How To Create Client Delight: Buy the New Facebook Gifts?

By Matter


This week Facebook started to roll out its new Gifts service just in time for the holidays. This service will allow you to send real gifts – stuff you can hold, eat, smell – through Facebook to your friend’s doorstep. Gifts range from food, to baby products, to jewelry and wine. In addition to sending gifts, you can donate to non-profits such as the Sandy Hurricane Relief Fund, Blue Star Families and more.

So when you sign on to Facebook in the morning and see that you forgot your friend’s birthday, you  can send them a gift right through the social platform that informed you about your forgetfulness.

But it’ not just for staying on your friends’ “good list.”

I think this gift service will be good for companies as well. Companies can send gifts to new business prospects, clients and even employees , and I envision PR agencies tapping into this feature to spread the word about their clients.

So here’s how to send one:

  • Go to the person/page you want to send a gift to, click on the “Gifts” button that is next to “Post” and “Photos” OR you can click the “Gifts” button on your birthday notification corner
  • A box will pop up to type in your recipient’s name
  • Choose the gift you want to send – you can search by category – lots to choose from!
  • Once you click a gift, a large picture and description of the gift will pop up – some gifts come with an option for a personalized card!
  • Last step is payment – fill out your info, shipping address for the gift and you are all set
  • The person you are sending the gift to will be notified and your gift will be delivered!

I’m curious – have you used this feature yet? Would you?