How to Leverage Media Coverage Beyond Publication

By Vanessa Boynton

 /></p><p><span style=“Where do we go from here?”

It’s a good question; everyone can and should be asking it. When it relates to PR, the question frequently appears after a wave of great media coverage has crashed and retreated. You got the pickup you wanted, but you’re left wondering how useful that pickup is now that the excitement has died down – especially if you’re not sure when your next big announcement will be ready to fly.

Whether your news pipeline has run dry for the coming weeks, or you’re wishing the coverage you’ve already earned was working harder, don’t worry – there are a wide variety of ways to turn “old news” into new tools that aid your business.


Build More Awareness

  • Give your bylines and op-eds more legs by sharing them through content distribution networks (e.g. 3BL for sustainability topics)
  • Take a second look at company profiles and identify topics you can further explore for byline articles
  • Leverage positive reviews to secure placements in new publications, or previous publications’ Buyer’s Guides (hint: use reporters’ own phrasing to describe your product or service)

 /></p><p> </p><h2><b>Augment Branded Channels</b></h2><ul><li style=Populate your company blog with announcements, alerts and excerpts from positive news pieces

  • Quotes and excerpts can also be turned into simple graphics for your website and social channels (hint: positive reviews/coverage makes for excellent sponsored social posts)
  • Have your spokesperson publish your bylines and op-eds on LinkedIn Pulse, which delivers your content to a significant audience (just be sure to note at the top where the content originally ran)
  •  /></p><h2><b>Attract/Please Stakeholders</b></h2><ul><li style=Build news coverage into investor decks to demonstrate that your business had been validated by the media

  • Similarly, build news coverage into corporate presentations for board members or leadership teams to showcase the company’s success
  • If your company is a member of syndicates, coalitions or collectives, share your positive coverage to build credibility
  •  /></p><h2><b>Outfit the Sales Team</b></h2><ul><li style=Augment FAQ and “About Us” pages with relevant quotes from positive coverage or reviews

  • Deliver positive reviews to the sales team so they can share your third-party validation with leads
  • Let positive coverage act as a third-party testimonial in your email marketing
  •  /></p><h2><b>Build Company Morale</b></h2><ul><li style=The first people to hear about your fantastic feature story or broadcast interview should be your employees. It will boost morale, build their faith in your mission, and better enable them to be ambassadors for your business (hint: new recruits will also have greater confidence in your business if they see you making a splash across multiple channels)

     /></p><p> </p><p><span style=The list of ways to leverage your coverage goes on, of course. If you’re struggling to decide which tactics are best, well…the first step might just be sending an email.