Intern Turned Employee: Agency Life Brings a New Perspective

By Laura Bastardi

Take it from someone who chose their career path in middle school, a decision based solely off of Sex and The City’s ultimate boss-lady Samantha Jones, that there is a lot more to working in the PR industry than flashy press events and client lunches. In college I set out to prepare myself for a real world career in PR instead of one set in NYC in the 90’s. At The University of New Hampshire I learned to write with purpose and found my individual voice; I learned to resonate with an audience and speak to crowds with confidence. I learned grammar and technique and read countless articles. However, it wasn’t until my PR internship at Matter that I discovered crucial components of the industry that school just doesn’t teach you.

Public Relations is a team sport: it is a team effort in the fullest sense.

I have never heard the term “over-communicate” more than I have during my first four months at Matter. Collaboration and communication are what make a PR agency a well-oiled machine. It became apparent right away that to succeed in this industry, you must work together and support one another to deliver exemplary and thorough work that your team, and your client can be proud of.

You never stop learning: The need for learning new information, skills, and strategies doesn’t end when you graduate..

Every day at Matter I learn something new. Whether it’s advice from a team member, learning about a client or current trends in the industry, there is always something to learn and someone to learn from that will help you grow in your career.

No day is the same, so always expect the unexpected.

This industry is unpredictable and extremely fast-paced. So in between responding to emails and scanning for news coverage, be ready for a curveball.  Your clients, their competitors and the ever-changing PR landscape doesn’t wait for anyone, so be prepared, be focused, and stay ahead of the game. This element of the industry challenges you and prepares you to think on your feet and perform under pressure. Working for a PR agency like Matter, you will never be bored and you will always be kept on your toes.

A more than welcomed, new perspective.

Five months after being brought on as a summer intern, I landed my dream job at Matter. Although it isn’t exactly what Samantha Jones led me to believe it would be, it is greater in many ways. A career in PR takes a strong focus and creative mind, it entails leaving your comfort zone and putting your voice and ideas out there to help your client reach new heights and break down barriers. You learn to stop doubting yourself because there just isn’t the time, and to trust in yourself and your work because your teammates already do. At Matter, the work is hard but extremely rewarding, and for all these reasons I am thankful that it was this agency that burst my Sex in the City bubble, and with no disappointment, showed me what a career in PR really entails.