Job requirement: creativity

By Matter

I’ve read that Frank Lloyd Wright soaked himself in creativity, sourced from the beauty surrounding him. There is no doubt he found inspiration in the landscape as well as from his choice in furniture, artwork, and some say the company he kept.

PR practitioners are tasked with being creative everyday. Our proposals need to stand out to new business prospects, our plans must strike the right balance between creative approach and simplicity (so they can be implemented), our pitches must break through the noise journalists hear day in and day out. I’ve had clients admit they source their creativity from us. When the well has run dry and they need inspiration, they call us – even when it’s not directly related to the PR program. What a compliment that is.

So where do we get our creativity? Team brainstorms help – but I suspect most agencies tap team members for jolts of imagination. Those among us who are parents talk about how kids provide a constant source of creativity, others share that clearing their minds through exercise helps out-of-the-box thoughts flow.

But if I had to put my finger on the commonality, I’d say it is our passion for our clients’ success. Passion born from a collective respect for our clients, which manifests itself in a commitment to their success. We are advocates for our clients, and by nature, are innovative about the approaches we take on their behalf. When something doesn’t work, we fix it. When something works well, we push the envelope further.

Where does your creativity come from? Does your agency partner bring you creative value? Which one of us will make Fast Company’s Most Creative list?