Keeping It Real

By Matter

Anyone who has ever sat or scrolled through a “Twitter 101” is probably familiar with two of social media’s top rules: 1) be authentic 2) share worthwhile media assets/content. It’s often struck me as funny that these best practices are being tossed around as something new for PR.

Sure, the type of asset shared might be slightly different than it was 10 years ago, whether it be compelling video or a multimedia slideshow, and we might be forced to show how genuine we are in only 140 characters – but the role of a PR person as a reliable source of accurate and interesting information remains unchanged. I’d take this a step further and say that operating as a sincere individual with appealing things to talk about not only makes you a good PR professional, it makes you a good friend, dinner companion, date, drinking buddy, (insert role here).

Not only does this just feel instinctively true, research indicates that creating valuable resources is more effective than algorithm chasing as it pertains to SEO, a vital aspect of measuring a PR campaign or even the worth of a single press release. With sophisticated, ever-changing formulas for determining Google rankings, I say the best bet for keeping your clients top-of-mind (and top-of-index) is to tell a winning story and just keep it real, man.