Lending A Helping Hand: How Volunteering Has Evolved

By Danielle Conlin

Danielle Conlin, VP of Human Resources 

One of my all-time favorite quotes is by Dr. Loretta Scott: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”  

When I joined Matter over six years ago, I took on the role of leading the Helping Hands program — our award-winning volunteering initiative. Our motto is, “People in need matter. Helping hands matter.” Over the years, we’ve partnered with organizations from coast to coast, participating in food and clothing drives, hosting dinners at soup kitchens, painting and gardening at homeless shelters, donating to families in need during the holidays, and more. Check out our highlight reel! 

As Matter has grown over the years, so have our volunteering efforts. It was difficult when the pandemic prevented us from volunteering in-person and in group settings, but we worked to find creative ways to continue helping our communities. Leveraging virtual platforms, we gave employees opportunities to join numerous activities from the safety of their homes, such as creating cards for kids in hospitals and for seniors in nursing homes. We adapted the program as best we could, but we were eager to do more.  

This year, we’re revamping our Helping Hands program to be more intentional and dynamic. Specifically, we are: 

  • Continuing to explore virtual opportunities while transitioning back to on-site group events.
  • Partnering with our Diversity Committee and Professionals of Color Circle to volunteer with local organizations that support racial equity and justice in our communities.
  • Working with our Sustainability Committee to host a monthly park/beach clean-up to help preserve our local environments.

And to top off all the exciting events and collaborations we have coming up, we announced the Volunteer of the Year Award which will be given to one employee at the end of this year for going above and beyond in their volunteering efforts.  

The path forward is bright and I’m excited for all that is to come with Helping Hands. Matter and our employees are passionate about making a difference and it’s wonderful to witness how our time and efforts can do just that.