By Matter


Today I woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland in Newburyport, MA. While we all expected a dusting, the six inches were a surprise that may have slowed down commutes, but also amplified the New England beauty on a cold January day. Today also happens to be my birthday (shameless plug).

Lucky, is how I would describe how I feel today…lucky to be living in a charming area, lucky to come to work happy because I am amongst wonderful colleagues and lucky to be working on strategic / creative campaigns that are moving the needle for clients.

By 11 a.m. I’ve managed to put out some client fires (fingers crossed), give a glowing review and promotion to a deserved member of our team and finish a 2013 client plan for a major retailer…all in time for a fun birthday lunch with some of my Matter friends.

Matter really is like a family, and the amount of work/life balance, respect, creativity and smarts that fill the office is amazing to be a part of.  So cheers to being lucky! And thanks to Matter for being such a big piece of that – lord knows we spend enough time at work, that enjoying it is half the battle.