Matter Communications CEO: “Tonight We Dance!”

By Scott Signore

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day 2012

The end of another year is upon us – and tonight we celebrate.

I’m thoroughly excited to gather as a group and celebrate the season and agency successes of the past 12 months.  In addition to reveling with our dynamite staff (and their outstanding significant others!), we’ll be eating, drinking and being merry with a number of clients, partners and representatives from organizations we like and respect – and I’m looking forward to all of it.

We have so much to celebrate here at Matter, and so much positive energy and momentum as we end the year. We’ve had solid business growth (again) that has been fueled by the execution of smart and strategic public relations and social media programs. In addition, this year we successfully launched Studio-C, our in-house creative team, and Precision, the team within Matter established to execute programs for clients with specific needs. We’ve done all of this while sticking to knitting and executing communications programs that drive business. In brief, it’s been a good year and we’re poised for more success in the year ahead.

And while we’re “doing the business”, as I commonly like to say, we’re reminded that “doing the business” takes a heck of a lot of energy and effort. We love it – but we’re tired.  We pause between the holidays each year to spend time with family, and we’re looking forward to the break. And, this year, when challenges of a business are far out-weighed by tragedy at an elementary school, some of us are looking forward to spending time with family more than ever.

I cherish all the time I have with my wife and kids, and I know this year’s break is more meaningful than others.  As I have since last Friday, I will hug my kids often in the coming weeks.

I hope you have a safe holiday season, and I hope the New Year is a good one for all of us. When I’m not dancing at tonight’s party, I’ll raise a glass and toast to the year that ends tonight.