Matter Communications Wins Best Places To Work – AGAIN!

By Scott Signore

I try to reserve this blog space for insights about public relations, social media and marketing, but every now and again something happens at our PR agency that deserves comment.

A few days ago my firm won the Boston Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” award, marking the second time in two years we’ve collected the honor.

To me, this is perhaps the highest form of praise for the work we’ve been doing over the last 10 years: our people, nearly 60 strong, are largely happy, feel challenged, and genuinely enjoy working in the trenches with their peers as we kick ass and take names for our clients.

I’ve always believed that happy PR people = happy clients, and our client retention (far better than industry averages) seems to confirm that suspicion.

As we continue to grow, it will doubtless be challenging to make sure we’re providing a stellar work environment for everyone here at Matter. But we’re sure as hell going to try.

Our people are our currency, and without these hard-working, smart, aggressive men and women, all of our jobs get harder and decidedly less fun.

So cheers to our entire staff. I’m proud to call you all “my team.”