Matter Health Clients Combatting COVID-19 Across the Care Continuum

By Ryan Lilly

We are fortunate at Matter to work with a myriad of amazing organizations that are contributing directly to the fight against COVID-19. The Matter Health team is proud to work closely on the second line supporting dozens of healthcare companies that are locked directly in the frontline fight against the pandemic. Whether telehealth solutions for physician practices, apps to triage COVID-19 patients in the urgent care setting, digital mental health care, insurers waiving member cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatment or mission critical system integrations for hospitals and health systems, we are seeing amazing innovation and response across our client portfolio. With that said, we wanted to shine a light on some of the work our client partners are doing to make a difference during this unprecedented time.    

  • Experity, a leading health IT solution provider for urgent care, released a free application that allows urgent care clinics to connect with patients virtually through two-way text messaging and telemedicine functionality. The COVID-19 Response Application is available to any U.S.-based urgent care center and will help clinics triage and treat COVID-19 patients remotely while limiting exposure to other patients and medical staff.  
  • Modernizing Medicine, a top surgical specialty EHR, RCM and PM provider, launched its audio and video telemedicine product to better serve current and future clients and the healthcare community at large. During the COVID-19 crisis, the company plans to offer its modmed® Telehealth solutions at no additional charge to current and future clients. Additionally, with the absence of trade shows, Modernizing Medicine is hosting a series of webinars covering numerous financial health topics to help providers navigate the many industry changes in the wake of COVID-19.
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) took additional steps to support its members during the COVID-19 crisis. The company announced it is temporarily waiving member cost-sharing (copays, coinsurance and deductibles) for any treatments related to COVID-19.
  • SilverCloud Health has provided access to its digital mental health platform to nearly 200 million people through partnerships with Express ScriptsShoppers Drug Mart in Canada, several leading US health systems, and the UK’s National Health System (NHS). The company also announced that it is developing a module specifically around COVID-19, which includes mental health programs and tools to help deal with challenging times, grief and loss, and sleep issues, among others. The company is also creating a program to deal with life after COVID-19 to help people with the stress and reintegration back to normal life again. It is also providing its clients expanded access to its platform for free.
  • Bridge Connector is offering rapid deployment system integrations for COVID-19 use cases free of charge for six months, and has also been a leading local sponsor of a program to deliver free lunches to Nashville-area nurses.
  • Evenflo, which designs and manufacturers safety products to protect infants and toddlers, has stepped up and joined with other manufacturers in Ohio to help make components for face shields to add to the state’s available personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Allego has partnered with several of the world’s top ventilator manufacturers which have formed a Ventilator Training Alliance (VTA) and are working together to create a mobile app that frontline medical providers can use to access a centralized repository of ventilator training resources. Dräger, GE Healthcare, Getinge, Hamilton Medical, Medtronic, Nihon Kohden, and Philips have joined this humanitarian training coalition.
  • Kit Check is helping hospitals keep track of inventory, location, and usage of medications – more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. As some hospitals see hoarding or reckless prescriptions of these drugs, Kit Check’s medication tracking and diversion risk assessment solutions empower hospital pharmacists and staff to make sure these potentially life-saving medications get to the patients who really need them.
  • MDClone helps healthcare organizations leverage synthetic COVID-19 relevant data to find new ways to understand and fight the pandemic. The access to larger samples of synthetic data provides a unique perspective into new therapeutic and management insights such as demand and capacity planning, disease management, impact on overall care metrics and hospital operations, and predictions for the trajectory of tests and results.

We could not be prouder to represent these brands that are doing such important work during unprecedented times, and we’re lucky for the opportunity to tell their stories and help spread the message about their impactful work. We’re all pretty much healthcare nerds on the Matter Health team, so it’s fair to say that we’re easily excited by the things our clients do on a daily basis. With that said, it has definitely been a highlight of my career to work with so many generous organizations and people during this time. With so much uncertainty, and what seems like a new challenge to overcome with every new day, it is no small thing for our client partners to provide free solutions and services to combat the ongoing pandemic. 

If you or your organization could benefit from any of the solutions or services being offered by our clients, please feel free to reach out to me. Also, if your organization deserves to be on a list like this one, please drop me a line. We’d love to help you tell your story to ensure that your message is heard, and impact maximized.