Matter Social Second: March 2022

By Hannah Osmani

Welcome to another edition of The Matter Social Second — keeping you current about what’s trending in social media. Our social team shares the most important and impactful social media stories from March.

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Facebook Adds New Reactions to Reels

An emoji is worth a thousand words! Facebook is expanding its Reel reactions, which will provide more ways to respond to content. Currently, you can only like or comment on a Reel, but the additional reactions will include the 7 emoji’s currently available on feed posts – like, love, care, laugh, surprise, cry, and anger.

LinkedIn Launches Career Break Options

Career gaps became a norm during the pandemic, and LinkedIn is adapting to the change! The new feature, which is officially available to all users, allows you to add a career break and explanation to your professional profile. The options include bereavement, caregiving, career transition, travel, and more.

Instagram Removes Boomerang, Hyperlapse and IGTV Apps

In hopes of streamlining the creation process, IG has removed some of its redundant apps. The features of Boomerang and Hyperlapse are still available when creating directly on Instagram, and IGTV has fully morphed into Instagram Video. The changes will bring more attention and emphasis back to the original Instagram app.

TikTok Confirms 10-minute Videos

The game-changing short-form video app is expanding its video length to 10 minutes in hopes of increasing monetization opportunities. Many of us knew and loved Vine, the widely popular short-form video app from back in the day, until its eventual shut down due to difficulty in creating revenue. The longer the video, the higher the earning potential!

LinkedIn Plans to Expand Analytics and Reactions

LinkedIn will expand its analytics to provide more specific insight into who is reading your posts, filterable by job title, industry, location, and more. LI will also be adding a laughing emoji to the reaction options! It will be interesting to see if executives shift their strategies to include more humorous content.

Instagram Expands Tagging Options

Tagging people and places is common on Instagram, but have you ever thought about tagging the photographer, the designer, or even your hairstylist? Instagram has updated its tags to include specific collaborators based on their contributions instead of having to bulk-tag multiple accounts.

Instagram Launches Automated Captions for Videos

Automated captions, which were available on IGTV and are still available on Instagram stories, will be available on all feed videos. Users will be able to toggle between versions, but the default version will include captions. This change comes as Instagram increases accessibility efforts across the platform.

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