Matter 'Spotlight' Video Series

By Tim Bradley

When the spotlight shines at Matter Communications, it shines brightly. As a public relations agency, we have lots of employees who are smart, hard-working and great at what they do. But we wanted to showcase their unique personalities as well. So our Employee Spotlight series was born.

Join us as we chat with Andrew Rodger, an Account Manager at Matter. He’s as smart as he is fun, as his coworkers can attest, so he was a natural choice for our inaugural video version of Employee Spotlight. Watch and learn a little about what it’s like to work with Andrew…and at Matter.

Public relations requires energy, creativity and a passion for ideas. To be successful, you have to put yourself “out there” with confidence and style. We can’t think of a better description of Shanetta McDonald. Our Employee Spotlight gives a peek into the world of Matter and the PR professionals who call it home. Check out her interview for yourself!

Tune in next month for our next Employee Spotlight!