Meet Matter Providence

By Matter

If you’ve never visited Matter’s Providence office, you need to add it to the top of your bucket list. Not only are we just steps away from Federal Hill and its culinary greatness, but we are also neighboring prestigious colleges, award-winning hospitals and beautiful beaches that are very welcoming during Summer Fridays (one of our many cherished work perks).

Matter Providence at Paint Nite

But personally, I think what makes Matter Providence a true “best place to work” is the PR professionals located out of the Ocean State office. Not only are we full of public relations expertise and social media savviness, but we all have unique traits and personalities that make us a fun bunch to work with – from new moms and dads (not just to children, but to adopted puppies as well), to marathon runners and hockey super stars. We also just welcomed a new summer intern this month, fresh off of attending the People’s Choice Awards back in January.

With a smaller team in Providence, it’s only natural to become more like a close-knit family with the close of each work day. In just about a year of working from the Providence office, I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in blood drives, food pantry donation deliveries, impromptu froyo trips (with all the fixins’), Paint Nite outings, pot luck lunches and more. Even just our weekly PR brainstorm meetings, where we meet as a team to share our latest media hits and discuss effective PR tactics, greatly strengthen our bond as an office.

Office culture is a large part of Matter’s success and I’m lucky to work out of an office that embraces this perk to the fullest extent.