MITX & Matter Communications Launch LunchSpotting

By Matter

By Mandy Mladenoff

Last year, I moved back to the Boston area after more than 11 years in San Francisco working at a PR firm.  During my time there, I worked on companies of all sizes  – huge global brands, medium sized enterprises seeking acquisition and, of course, what Silicon Valley is known for – tech startups.  I’ve always had a special place in my heart for startups and entrepreneurs, because you feel like you’re part of actually building something that could change the business world. I also always enjoyed how there were so many opportunities for like-minded people to get together in a casual atmosphere to connect, share ideas and simply socialize.

Not long after landing on the East Coast, I sat down with a valued former client in what is called “the Innovation District” in Boston.  Removed from Boston for so long,  I wasn’t that familiar with the local tech scene, but I quickly understood that there was an energy there not unlike SOMA in San Francisco – lots of brainy people humming with amazing ideas and working around the clock on coding the next killer product. It got me charged up and ready to get immersed in the goodness.

Since that meeting I’ve been lucky enough to participate in some inspiring programs that Boston offers, MITX Up events, teaching at the Boston Startup school, serving as a MassChallenge mentor, and meeting and working with some exceptionally innovative companies in my new role as General Manager at Matter Communications.  What’s striking is that the tech press focuses so heavily on the startup scene on the West Coast, but they’re missing out, in my opinion, on a thriving ecosystem of innovation in the Hub.

But we’re paying attention, and we’re hungry to learn more. That’s why today I’m pleased to announce the launch of LunchSpotting – a MITX and Matter Communications collaboration aimed at getting entrepreneurs, engineers, VCs, media and other wicked smart people together to break bread and share stories from the trenches. Hosted by Gazelle, a company that gives consumers cash for their used cellphones and electronics – the first LunchSpotting event will kick off on September 6th, from 12 – 1:30 p.m.

Come hungry, my friends.