Motivation: What is it and where does it come from?

By Matter

 I don’t want to get too deep in my post, but lately I have been wondering where does my motivation for my everyday activities come from? Was I born with it, was it taught, or is it some hidden driving force deep down inside of me? Staying motivated can sometimes be a struggle; our daily lives are constantly changing, but I think the key is to understand your thoughts and actions, and how they drive your emotions.

First, love what you do, and do it well.

Being able to get up every day and do what I enjoy and am passionate about keeps me motivated. My colleagues and clients consistently encourage me to improve my skills, and I knew I wanted a career that pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

 Knowing you are working with a great team

Here at Matter, I work with a hardworking, dedicated, team. I’ve found my colleagues to always be willing to answer any of my questions, help me out with a project or give advice on the best way to work with a client. Seeing my colleagues be successful and passionate about what they do motivates me to work just as hard.  I greatly appreciate the mentor program we have at Matter; knowing that there is someone to go to when challenges arise, provides extra motivation to help me get through a tough day.

The feeling of accomplishment

There is no better feeling than when I succeed after facing a continuous challenge. Maybe it’s landing an article in a large publication or finally connecting with an editor I’ve been following up with for months. Keeping track of my most important tasks and day to day activities allows me to direct my positive energy towards success.

Final Thoughts

It is human nature to have days when I am not as motivated as I’d like to be, however, by surrounding myself with positive and motivational people and tasks, I’m able to continue to strive for my goals. So I’d like to know, where do you get your motivation from? Share your thought in the comments.