Okay, So Maybe Change Isn’t Such a Bad Thing!

By Matter

Since the beginning of time, I have feared change. I love knowing exactly what to expect and when to expect it. For example, today at lunch, I knew there would be a ham and cheese sandwich waiting for me in the fridge, the same sandwich that has satisfied my hunger pains since pre-school.  I also know that when I get home, my television shows will be airing the same time they do every week on the same channel.

But what happens when the deli is out of my favorite brand of ham, or a public service announcement pops up at the exact time I tune into my show? It used to mean absolute chaos in my life. However, in the past two years since I started working at Matter, these small changes no longer ruin my day.

PR can be an extremely fast paced environment. We are constantly drafting press releases, finalizing plans, running in between client calls, brainstorming new ideas and so much more. We strive to be ahead of the game and make it a priority to inform our clients of the latest and greatest tools and technologies out there. Even if it means moving from what we know to researching something totally new.

For example, last year I helped launch a Twitter account for one of my clients. At that time, Twitter was relatively new to me and I started relying on certain programs for my day to day activity. However, I quickly realized that I should be embracing the changes and not rejecting them.  In the social media world, new programs come out every day. While there will be tools I never use, I’ve found that there are some that have been extremely beneficial to my client, and have even made my job easier.

So is change really that bad? I would have to argue no, but this doesn’t mean I’ll be enjoying a turkey sandwich anytime soon.