On cupcake trucks and a puggle named 'Lemon'

By Matter

This week Matter announced the strengthening of our management team via new hiring and promotions. Congratulations to:

–        Kristin Amico, account manager.

–        Zachary Heath, account manager.

–        Anne Lines, account director.

–        Samantha Racki, account manager.

–        Greg Wind, account manager.

–        Tobi Young, account director.

We’re proud to work alongside these skilled PR practitioners. But they’re more than just PR pros. Each of them is a little, um, colorful, too. See if you can guess who’s who.

1-     At age 10, this person took apart a radio to find where all the instrument sounds and voices were coming from.

2-     This person has a puggle – a mix of a beagle and a pug – named “Lemon” after Liz Lemon, the character on 30 Rock.

3-     This person once shared a Capitol Hill elevator with Strom Thurmond, the U.S. Senator from South Carolina.

4-     This person lives in a 19th-century house in the city where the U.S. Coast Guard was born.

5-     This person once drove across country writing about food and later started a cupcake truck.

6-     This person’s cats “Benson” and “Stabler” are named after characters in the TV show Law & Order SVU.

Think you can match the numbers with the names? The answers are in the Comment section below.