By Matter

Keeping up New Year’s resolutions. Trends to come in 2010. Conan vs. Leno. Where is Tiger Woods?

Up until last week, these were trending media topics and water cooler chatter. Then on January 12, everything was put into perspective. Devastated by an earthquake, Haiti was immediately thrust into the spotlight. You couldn’t find a media outlet not providing up to the minute updates and coverage.

Today’s media coverage allows us to experience devastation and destruction like never before. And after hearing countless stories of massive devastation, survival, compassion, love and continued hope, I find it a little difficult to join in the Team Conan or Team Leno debate.

Since the earthquake hit, millions of dollars and thousands of aid workers have flooded to the region. Today, the State Department declared that funds from mobile phone users donating $10 to the Red Cross via text have surpassed $25 million, making it the largest mobile donation campaign ever.

The global community coming together has been inspirational and provided a new perspective for 2010 – I hope we don’t forget too soon how quickly life, and the media landscape, can change.