By Scott Signore

My Father is an eternal optimist. Without energy or effort, he’s able to identify the positive aspects of every situation. Bad weather is an opportunity to read a good book. A home project gone awry becomes a learning experience. He’s that type of person and perhaps similar to someone you may know. His spirit and enthusiasm are a wonderful influence on many, including his youngest son. However, unlike my Dad, my pragmatic nature makes me a realist. I take things as they are and not what I hope they will become. I wear my opinion on my sleeve and I expect others to do the same.

I believe that the upcoming business quarter and the start of the year ahead could use a healthy dose of both my perspective and my Dad’s. Some believe that the challenging economic situation of the past few years has reached its bottom. While there are still some scenarios that could make the economy even more challenging, somewhat of a leveling out is being experienced and I believe that we are working toward a healthier business world.

Here at Matter we’ve been stepping forward since the spring and as a result, we are a stronger organization. I see even more creativity in the programs being proposed by our teams, as well as a new level of consideration from existing clients and new business prospects. Also, I see the best and brightest PR people in the business embracing new media opportunities and doing what they’ve done for our clients for years: generating results that drive business, even in tough economic conditions.

Like many of you, I’m finished hearing about the challenging economic world around us. And, frankly, our agency’s entire six year history has evolved through the “challenging” economy so I haven’t been able to play a better card. So, like my Dad…I’m looking forward and feel good about what I see.