Pilgrimage to Portland

By Matter

Traveling from time to time is something you sign up for when making the choice to pursue a career in video production. It can be very exciting at times; getting to check out new places that you otherwise might never think of visiting. And although video production is a creative field, there are certainly those other times when the required tasks during the trip aren’t as artistically refreshing as one might hope.

Last week I got to visit the Matter office in Portland, Oregon for the first time. Among my list of tasks were to take headshots for all of our staff, shoot some office B Roll, and give an overview presentation of Matter’s in-house creative services to the PDX staff. After a day and a half of this, I was to then hop on a plane to San Francisco to staff a Media Training event for a client. While all of this stuff is useful for the company and good professional experience for me, I needed to find a way that I could bring back more than just photos of smiling faces and a PowerPoint deck. Enter Nick and Cait.

Nick and Cait are two of our staff members who recently jumped ship from Newburyport to Portland. They’ve been working from the Oregon office for a couple months now, so with their help I created this short doc about the migration process and how it’s affected each of them. Working on this project allowed me to get outside for a while to shoot B Roll around the city and take in some of the sights, all while telling their unique story.


Breaking the norm of telling a client’s story to tell one of our agency’s own was a nice change of pace. From a Matter perspective, I hope this will help folks realize that moving 2500 miles away from home doesn’t have to be all that intimidating.