#PitchAloft: No Vacancy for Stodgy PR Firms

By Matter

The #RFTweet from #PitchAloft has received some criticism from people for several reasons, among them, not being strategic or thoughtful.  The post I just linked to suggests that the PR firms that are “dancing” for the Aloft Hotels business likely aren’t the right fit and may just be desperate.  I say poppycock.

I’d argue that a PR firm that can’t appreciate a new twist and have a little fun with Aloft Hotels’ attempt to change up the RFP process might be stuck in its old ways and doesn’t understand what the brand is trying to accomplish, even on a small scale.  The blog post misses the point – this isn’t THE pitch process. It’s the initial vetting phase.  Just like every old school RFP. It’s clear that Aloft Hotels is not just sitting back and watching their Twitter feed but they are looking into the firms that are responding.  They’re flagging the ones they feel are putting a little effort and creativity behind this initial process.  They’re digging deeper to see if these competing – not “dancing” — firms are viable long-term options. 

Give them some credit.  They know what they are looking for.  They know their business objectives.  They know their brand.  And their brand isn’t vanilla or boring. So, this approach for them makes sense. It’s disruptive and interesting. Honestly, I don’t understand why a PR firm wouldn’t throw its hat in the ring if it feels it deserves to win the business. I know Matter does.  

Full disclosure: Matter Communications has been participating in the #RFTweet and it’s been a blast.  We’re hardly desperate.  We’re smart enough to know that a chance to get in a room and pitch Aloft Hotels would be awesome. And if a few creative tweets can showcase our willingness to roll up our digital sleeves, we say bring it on!