Planning for planning’s sake

By Matter

Launching into Q4, many of our clients are already looking ahead to 2011. That means we at Matter will be spending plenty of time brainstorming creative ways to out-shine our 2010 campaigns and results (who knew it was possible?). And while some of those creative ideas sound great during our brainstorm sessions, sitting down to tactically plan their execution can be rather sobering.

But, it’s that process of poking holes in our own ideas – asking ourselves how and why this makes sense for our client’s business – that make our plans concrete, actionable and focused on PR and business results. If we ourselves aren’t sold on how our ideas connect with the client’s ultimate PR and business goals, then we shouldn’t be recommending them.

So as 2011 planning meetings come into full swing, let’s not be afraid to get those creative juices flowing. But at the end of the day, if that great idea can’t be tied to your client’s business goals, then maybe it shouldn’t make it out of the brainstorm and into the plan.