PR Agency Culture: Play to Win!

By Scott Signore

Work hard and play hard. While so cliché, that expression accurately describes the tone at many PR and social media agencies – and Matter Communications is no exception. We embrace the philosophy that office-wide extra circular activities ensure that our PR professionals are engaged with not only clients (during the day and thereafter), but also with each other.

And, we take the topic a bit further by empowering our staff to organize these activities – and one another! Just last week our office received a note from Kaitlyn Ethier encouraging the wider group to jump-in to a second night of pick-up basketball. The initiative – like the plethora of other weekly happenings – is encouraged by senior management but run by the staff. And, that’s what makes them special.

Here at Matter we have a range of extracurricular groups who meet regularly to blow off some steam and (mostly) get in shape. (This blogger is the one who needs to get in shape more than anyone in the office, by the way!) We have a running club, a golf group and a weekly basketball night. In the past, we’ve had softball teams and very popular spinning classes; the latter, we needed to stop because our tremendous growth required that we move the bikes out to accommodate more room for new Matter professionals. These weekly events are well-attended and cherished by those who partake, and they result in team members who feel more connected to one another and more energized at the office. It’s a good vibe and it contributes to who we are as an organization.

As we are enjoying well-deserved dynamite summer weather, our staff is looking forward to doing more together. What are you and your colleagues doing to have fun?