PR, and the End of the summer blues?

By Scott Signore

Some people shudder at the thought of summer coming to end, but not me. I love all that is associated with the warm and sunny months, including the last week of August. However, I equally love the start of September – the busiest time at our shop and most PR and social media agencies. I love that energy and enthusiasm required by PR and creative professionals to gear-up for that home stretch of the calendar year. Here are five reasons why we should be happy about entering the last week of August:

First, busy is good and the last week of August (and Labor Day weekend fast approaching!) represents the arrival of the busiest time. Think I’m wrong? Watch the news that breaks in the first three weeks of September, and most of those announcements/updates/etc. are independent of all the shows and events occurring that month. If you are in PR and happy with your gig, then you like to be busy. If you like to be busy, it’s your time to shine.

Second, all of that activity breeds opportunity for you and your clients. News isn’t an element necessary for your success, but the media and analysts covering the categories will directly help your efforts. Those valued partners need content – in the form of story ideas, senior management quotes, statistics and infographics. Now is the time to insert your client into those stories and discussions.

Third, the end of August gives your team members one last opportunity to take a well-earned summer-themed break. I know a number of our key folks are returning from vacation, or just getting started with a week away. In any case, we’re not yet at full capacity and this is last week when you can take some time at the beach and feel like you did so on schedule.

Fourth, while some of your colleagues and clients are out of the office this week, you have the opportunity to catch-up or get ahead. Use the time when you would typically prepare for a client call and pitch a few writers and editors who are more difficult to reach – perhaps they are working this week? Or use the time you normally review your action items with your manager to brainstorm pitch ideas with other colleagues in the office. Take advantage of who’s around and who’s not, and see if the schedule can positively impact your to-do list.

And, finally, the last week of August means we’re two weeks from football, and that should put a smile on all of our faces.

The last week of summer starts today, but there’s an exciting time ahead. This is a great time of year with lots being planned for the fall, and so much happening in the coming weeks. Embrace it, and let me know if you will capitalize on the last week of August in any other way.