Public Recognition of a Stalwart Captain

By Matter

Full disclosure: I am a flag-waving Matter Communications fan. I’ve put in time at a few agencies, ranging from a small PR division of a primarily ad shop to  playing the “cog in the machine” role at a global agency, and nowhere have I felt more confident in company leadership than at Matter.  And this week, I’m thrilled to see public recognition of our CEO, Scott Signore, by our public relations peers: Scott has been named to PRWeek’s famed “40 Under 40” list.

Scott’s an avid sailor – next time you visit our Newburyport offices, be sure to check out the gorgeous photo of the Skylge, a classic schooner, by famed photographer (and part of Matter client Lexar’s team) Onne van de Wal– and the steady hand and cool head that has served him so well in that sport has been invaluable to guiding Matter through economic turbulence and smooth waters alike.  He sets the standard for the agency, uniting disparate individuals in a company culture that encourages a winning combination of fresh ideas, diligent research and dogged determination to achieve business-driving results for our clients.  Public relations is by nature a stressful field, but by providing a secure home base, Scott and his executive team at Matter have created a team-oriented environment that provides employees and clients alike with a sense of reassurance, of knowing that each of us has the resources we need to produce extraordinary work.

In addition to leading the Matter team from a business perspective, Scott has led by example in his work with community causes. He’s provided employees with the opportunity to put our PR skills to work for non- and not-for-profit causes including Camp Sunshine (Casco, ME) and the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center (Newburyport, MA).

Hats off to Scott for the well-deserved kudos!