Reputations Matter

By Matter

Is someone doing PR for PR? This week, Advertising Age reported that the public relations industry fared well compared with other industries in a national survey gauging opinion of the professions. AdAge said, “In a Gallop poll this month that asked adults whether their overall view of various sectors is negative or positive, the ‘advertising and public relations industry’ fared better than those other businesses. One-third of respondents voiced a positive view of the advertising/pr industry (6 percent ‘very’, 27 percent ‘somewhat.’)”

To that we say, bravo! It appears that we as an industry are not only positively managing our client’s reputations, but also our own. Sometimes it’s difficult to hold our heads up high in the face of those who see us as no more than corporate shills or, even worse, one of the “friends of the Kardashians.” But every day we see evidence of the positive impact PR can have on a company’s sales and profile. CEO and WSJ blogger Jennifer Walzer, who formally voiced her opinion of not seeing the need for a PR firm, just today announced that she has changed her mind and even went as far as hiring a firm for her business. Heck, even the great state of Arizona realizes PR could help improve its image.

We hope this upward trend for our industry continues!