Sharing good news: growth and new clients make for an exciting start to 2010

By Matter

Our hometown newspaper, the Newburyport Daily News, was kind enough to include information about our continued growth and success in yesterday’s edition, pointing to our recent announcement that we’ve doubled our office space in Newburyport and Providence and are looking to add more incredible PR professionals to our team.

Of course, as Matter continues to grow, our client roster has diversified quite a bit, allowing us to work with a truly remarkable and varied list of businesses and organizations. This week, we’re happy to confirm, as reported in the Gloucester Daily Times, the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce has enlisted us to help raise Gloucester’s profile as a premier tourist and business destination. The Innkeepers of Cape Ann have a nice write-up about our new relationship and, as they note, we’re just as excited as they are to get the word out about this amazing New England community.

Here’s the full text of the Daily Times piece:

Chamber hires PR firm to raise Gloucester’s profile
The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce has hired Matter Communications, a Newburyport-based award-winning North Shore public relations firm, to boost Gloucester’s profile as a premier tourist and business destination.

Gloucester residents John Mcelhenny and Ariane Doud will lead Matter’s PR campaign for Gloucester. “Gloucester is the most authentic seaport in America,” said Mcelhenny, “and those of us who live here know there is no shortage of fascinating, positive Gloucester stories to tell. There’s an untapped, nationwide market for Gloucester’s entrepreneurial businesses, scenic beauty, cultural richness and maritime identity. PR will give Gloucester a megaphone to tell its stories, attract new visitors and power the local economy.”

 “Attracting more leisure and business travelers will strengthen all of our businesses,” said Bob Hastings, executive director of Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, “from tourist-based along the Back Shore and harbor to the city shops and restaurants.”

The PR effort was launched by Gloucester hotel owners Tracey Muller of Bass Rocks Ocean Inn, Mona Faherty of the Sea Lion Motel and Jan Bordinaro of the Atlantis Oceanfront Inn, and may expand to include other Cape Ann communities.

Whether teaming up with local, New England-based organizations or national businesses based elsewhere, we consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ internal PR and marketing teams. Their success is our success, and as we add new names to our client list and bring new team members on board, this mantra will continue to play a big part in how we all conduct business on a day-to-day basis. It’s an exhilerating time, and we’re thankful to all who have helped us get to where we are, and who will help us get to where we’re going.

And with that…cheers! Lots to celebrate. And by the way…have you visited Gloucester yet?