By Scott Signore

Here at Matter, we find lots of reasons to have fun together.  Writing in a way that helps me avoid a too popular cliché, we work very hard and like to blow off steam as a group.  I’m fully in support of both efforts: working hard and having fun.

To that end, later today I’m joining the smartest and savviest group of PR people anywhere, and a number of our clients, contacts in business, and friends, for the purpose of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  (Blogger note: We’re meeting at the Port Tavern here in Newburyport – and if you’ve read this in time, you are welcome to join us.)  While not all of what our agency does outside of the office occurs at a local watering hole, today’s celebration is an event where enjoying Irish music and a freshly poured Guinness is as high a priority as the event itself.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is only one of a number of calendar-related celebrations.  Formally and informally, arranged and not, we try to get together as a group with some regularity. The culture here at Matter is a supportive one, both personally and professionally, and it’s one that embraces growth and new people.  To that end, we’re currently hiring aggressively – we’re a Pacesetter for goodness sake! – and a list of current openings can be found on our careers page.  If you are interested in a rewarding PR agency experience while working with peers who share a common respect and professionalism, and like to have fun, please do check out our listings and let us know if you have skills that apply.

I enjoy the company of the people here at Matter, and they enjoy the company of each other. They admire and respect one another, and I consistently tip my hat to each for their business-driving PR work.  Tonight, however, I’ll tip a beer with the group and celebrate a special day. If you’d like to be part of these celebrations – and the many that happen around here with surreal frequency – be sure to get in touch.

And, here’s something special that will get you in the Irish mood before Saturday.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!