Social Media…Secrets Revealed

By Matter

It’s no secret that social media has become a business imperative for both B-to-B and B-to-C companies. Clients come to us everyday seeking counsel on social media, wondering where they need to be and how to get started.

I admit it; I wasn’t so excited when Twitter came along. I wasn’t the first one to sign up for a Facebook account. Heck, I didn’t start IMing until around 2000. So years ago when one of my colleagues stood up and said we need to know about social media…MySpace, Linked In, Second Life…I scoffed and reluctantly got up to speed, figuring I would learn what I need to know by reading, exploring but would never fully embrace it.

As an agency we push ourselves to be ahead of the curve through education and by adopting social media practices. We take pride in our expertise and for anyone who may be wondering how to gain a better understanding of social media here’s my sage advice. There’s no better way to increase your understanding of social media than to join the conversation. The beauty of it is you just need to be yourself: create your Facebook account, get tweeting, join a message board.

So have I fully embraced social media? Ten years later…I start my day by checking in with Facebook and a message board. I scan blogs both professional and personal. I have two Twitter accounts, one for my personal interests (yes, I follow Snooki and Pauly D) and one for professional interests. I maintain a professional network on LinkedIn that I literally would feel lost without. And now, I am blogging.