St. Patrick’s Day Matters

By Scott Signore

Our agency celebrated St. Patrick’s Day last week – it was a hoot, by the way! – and our family did more celebrating this past weekend. And, naturally, I’m making plans to celebrate again tonight. In the meantime, I thought to share five reasons why this holiday is an annual highlight for so many of us:

First, it’s authentic. It’s a tradition for those of Irish lineage to pay tribute to their patron saint, as they have been doing for so long. It’s an opportunity to extend time-honored traditions, and to start new ones. It’s on the calendar for good reason – and wasn’t created by marketing minds with retail sales intentions.

Second, it’s a family affair. It’s a day with welcoming vibes – and celebrations spent with families and friends are always meaningful. While a good reason to enjoy a pint is never necessary, it’s always a special gathering for a festive holiday with family and friends – and even more special when the experience is shared with those who are closest to you, including the fabulous cherubs that we are so fortunate to have in tow.

Third, it’s a holiday that we can all embrace. Who doesn’t love good Irish music and an even better drink? Who doesn’t like gathering as group and having fun? I’m joined by a countless volume of people worldwide who love to own a piece of this special day, and look forward to celebrating together in tribute to the Irish and their saint.

Fourth, celebrating something (anything, really!) in the third week of March is ideal, especially for us New Englanders who are counting down toward the end of a cold and snowy winter. The timing is perfect – a high-energy event at the end of a season of snow throwers and frozen sidewalks. A good St. Patrick’s Day celebration reminds all of us that Spring is just around the corner.

Finally, it gives our agency another opportunity to blow off steam. This year began with the even more gusto than last year ended, and we’ve been executing smart and savvy programs that generate the types of results that clients – some of whom, coincidentally, joined us on Thursday for our Irish celebration – demand. It’s an opportunity to have even more fun than we have in a typical day, and an annual highlight to so many of us here at Matter.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to PR speak, but Happy St. Patrick’s Day in the meantime.