Step outside the box

By Matter

At one point in our lives, we have all been told that we need to “think outside of the box.” Whether it’s drafting a contributed article for a client or brainstorming new angles for media outreach, there have and will continue to be times when we need to pause and take a moment to get our creative juices flowing. Sometimes it even takes a change of environment to inspire new ways of thinking.


I was at an offsite meeting for training on one of my clients’ product offerings earlier this week. The training itself was great and extremely informative. On top of that, I brainstormed new and innovative ways to connect the media professionals and consumers with the product. For me, taking a step back from my daily environment and being, quite literally, “outside the box” gave me new insights into what might catch the media’s attention.


As a PR professional, I encourage you to step closer to the products and services you represent, take a new approach, or look at them from a new perspective. The possibilities to ignite your own creativity are endless. So, how are you thinking outside the box?