Still have ink on your fingers?

By Matter

We have all (including myself) spent a fair share of time talking about new media here on Matter Chatter. And yes, it is indeed the face of the future. As someone who spends a significant portion of her day reading blogs and managing Facebook and Twitter pages for clients, it’s easy to get sucked into the instantaneous information-overload that is online and social media. I had a little nudge out of the online bubble this morning when I read about a new statistic from the Pew research center (via TechCrunch – all that blog reading!): 21 percent of American adults say they don’t use the Internet.

Now, I suppose that this shouldn’t really be shocking. But when you’re bombarded daily with news of folding newspapers or budget-cuts at magazines, it’s difficult to remain upbeat about the future of traditional media. Stop for a minute and think about it though – would you knowingly cut out 1/5 of your audience before you even started trying to get a message out? And what about clients whose primary targets include older-generation consumers who might not spend much time reading or put much value in online media?

I know we all go after the Wall Street Journals and Good Housekeepings… but next time you’re thinking of only pitching print with that top-tier circulation number, make sure you remember the 1/5 that still enjoys reading a daily local paper or niche magazine. Understandably, the outlet depends on the message, and for many of our clients the best strategy is both print and online… just don’t forget that well-rounded perspective on your target audience.