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Apathy Interrupted: How Smart Marketing Wins

Once upon a time, a movie camera was invented. What would follow were silent movies, movies in black and white, movies in color, movies with sound, special effects and eventually even 3D movies. There would be cult classics, box office biggies, busts, rom coms and everything in-between, and there would be public relations efforts for each one. These days there seems to be a new multi-million… Read more »

George Zimmerman “Not Guilty”: Social Media Erupts in Protest to Verdict

On Saturday night, July 13th, it was announced that George Zimmerman received a “not guilty” verdict after the much anticipated trial for a crime that had been heavily publicized from the start. If you are active on social media, you knew the verdict at least 24 hours ago, and you also probably know all about the Trayvon Martin shooting that occurred in late February.     … Read more »

Reacting in Real Time: Social Media and the Boston Marathon Bombings

Anyone who has turned on a television, radio, or computer in the last few weeks is painfully aware of the tragedy that occurred at this year’s Boston Marathon. Those of us who spend significant amounts of our days trolling the web, checking social media, and are rarely found without a screen in our face, have been inundated with news stories since the minute the attack happened…on… Read more »

2013 Buzzwords to Watch

With the New Year descending around us, I’ve been tri-ti-tasking for days now but was given pause when I read BusinessNewsDaily’s round up of new buzzwords that we growth hackers should be looking for in the New Year. So, in an effort to minergize the social learning process for all of you alphanistas out there I thought I’d share this short list of exciting new buzzwords…. Read more »

Increase Facebook Engagement in 2013

Happy 2013! As I am getting back into the swing of things for the new year, I came across this helpful infographic – Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet. Did you know that posts with a question at the end generate a 2X higher comment rate? And posts with emoticons receive 52% higher interaction rate? Check it out these helpful hints to increase your Facebook engagement in… Read more »

Apocalypse? Sorry, Doesn’t Ring a Bell

  Wait a minute – both, my Microsoft Outlook calendar and another fastened by a tack above my kitchen sink at home, show I have plans after the 21st of December – the supposed date of the Mayan apocalypse. So, do I cancel grandma’s “holiday party” or try not to be rude and hope the world ends before she offers me her Jello pudding mold? In… Read more »