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Finding Your Corporate Social Voice

I’m sure you’ve researched successful corporate social accounts, and discovered some fun ones. There are many round ups that include memorable content such as Taco Bell (@tacobell) and its sassy comebacks, clever retweets and witty banter. While the fast food chain has seen incredible success, as HuffPost says, “Whoever runs Taco Bell’s Twitter account deserves a raise,” the same approach wouldn’t work for a B2B enterprise… Read more »

Everybody Grab Your Brand Buddy

If any one word could lay claim to the zeitgeist of the last decade, it’s “community”. Obviously “community” has been a core driver of human behavior for millennia, but the past ten years have championed the term as the essence of not only how we market ourselves, but how we operate our businesses. As of a few years ago, it stopped being enough to have a… Read more »

Becoming A "Love" Brand

We are surrounded by brands everyday, from function to indulgence.  Some we hardly think about, others we choose to become part of their tribal following, but what sets a brand apart, and makes it a “love” brand? We all have brands that we use because they have a connection to us and reflect who we are or want to be. While some of these brands are just small attributes of… Read more »

Target, Toys and the Art of Newsmaking

“No news is good news.” You’d be hard-pressed to hear this uttered in any PR agency setting. It’s a perennial responsibility of agencies to portray clients as dynamic forces in their industries. If our client produces nothing but guitar picks, we’ll go hoarse cheering that this year they sold the MOST guitar picks, or that they’re the first company to produce picks from 100% post-consumer recycled… Read more »

In launch of #OneGoodReason, CVS demonstrates ‘3 Good Reasons’ we can all learn from them

As you may have caught on the news on your drive in yesterday morning or throughout the day on Wednesday, it’s a big week for drugstore chain (and Matter client) CVS. Earlier this year CVS Caremark made a commitment to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products at all CVS/pharmacy stores by October 1, 2014 – becoming the first national pharmacy to do so. Yesterday morning CVS officially… Read more »