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Life Before Public Relations: How First Jobs Make an Impact

When your parents tell you to get a job at 16 years old, the last thing you’re usually thinking about is how this will affect your career after college. But it’s those first positions that set the stage for experiences that will shape your career – though not necessarily how you’d expect. I got my first job while I was in high school as a receptionist… Read more »

Summer Fridays: Our Favorite Local Spots

Fall is right around the corner but here at Matter, we’re still hanging on to those last few days of summer. While we always have the perk of working from home on Fridays, we also get to head out at 2pm on from Memorial Day to Labor Day, assuming all client work is taken care of. This lets us get the most out of our summers… Read more »

Summer Fridays at Matter: Thoughts from a New Employee

From my latest observations as a recent graduate, not everyone is jumping right into a job in their major. Many of my fellow classmates seem to be taking the summer off, applying to graduate programs, or taking smaller jobs, such as nannying, to give themselves a little bit of time before they become an actual adult. For me, it was the opposite. After multiple full-time internships… Read more »

Matter Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Southwick, Social Media Strategist

As a Social Media Strategist at Matter, Lindsay brings 5+ years of agency experience with B2C and B2B brands on social media. He specializes in overseeing and executing paid social media strategy on behalf of Matter clients and has expertise in platform selection, paid approach, social copywriting, and more. We recently caught up with Lindsay to hear more about his passions, the future of social media, and advice… Read more »

Happy National Volunteer Recognition Day!

It’s been said that “you have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you,” and here at Matter, we agree! With five different offices across the US, each of our offices are involved in the Matter Helping Hands initiative, which aims to give back to local communities through volunteering. In honor of National Volunteer Day, we chatted with our… Read more »