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Startup Guide: How to Create Quick, Killer Content

Shrinking newsrooms and the rise of Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, and contributor networks are making content an essential part of a company’s visibility in the media. Backed by an SEO strategy, company blogs, op-eds, landing page content and downloadable assets are now powerful drivers of lead-gen and brand awareness. But where does content come from? This is an existential question for all organizations, but especially for early… Read more »

Bridging the print-to-screen gap

Remember the QR code? These things were going to blow-up, right? QR codes contain enormous potential to bridge the gap between printed material and your mobile screen. I’ve seen some decent examples of their use both in application and design… although the design solution usually involves trying to hide them in cleaver ways. Changing their color to blend in, hiding images within the code or hiding… Read more »

4 Tips to Stay Creative when the Inspiration Just Isn’t There

When it comes to creating visual content for a client, the intention is to always make something that sets itself apart so it gets the high levels of engagement that we all covet. Unfortunately, us right brained folk go through times when we don’t feel like we’re living up to our artistic potential. I recently attended an event hosted by Boston Content, to chat with others… Read more »

Repurposing Old Content, as Seen on Seinfeld

Getting excited about a new song on Spotify or YouTube video seems to happen just about every day. But how long does that feeling last? For me it’s about three minutes (if that) until I move on to something else. If it’s your job to pump out content onto your company’s social media channels, there will eventually come a time when you don’t have anything new to… Read more »

The World According to Reddit

Even if you’ve never been to Reddit.com, you’re definitely familiar with many of the stories on the wildly popular site that dubs itself “The front page of the Internet.” That’s because every news organization/blog you’re familiar with scans Reddit for interesting stories cultivated by the company’s highly engaged (read: addicted) user base. Reddit’s front page aggregates stories and pictures from some of the more interesting “sub… Read more »