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I see London, I see France … I see PR potential in see-through yoga pants!

Lululemon’s popular athletic apparel line made headlines last week when the brand’s overly sheer fabric, known as Luon, bit them in the behind. Upon bending over, some of Lululemon’s loyalists realized they were baring it all. This led to a recall of nearly 17 percent of the brand’s beloved yoga pants, which is expected to cost the company about $60 million in lost revenue this year…. Read more »

Exposé, Exposure and Transparency

I recently spoke with a friend who used to be a client.  Neither of us is tied to the company through which we met, but we stay in touch.  That company (I’ll call it ThatCo to protect the innocent) was recently included in an exposé of its industry at the hands of the Wall Street Journal. It’s the kind of story CEOs dread.  The week-long series… Read more »