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Reacting in Real Time: Social Media and the Boston Marathon Bombings

Anyone who has turned on a television, radio, or computer in the last few weeks is painfully aware of the tragedy that occurred at this year’s Boston Marathon. Those of us who spend significant amounts of our days trolling the web, checking social media, and are rarely found without a screen in our face, have been inundated with news stories since the minute the attack happened…on… Read more »

Seeing Red on Boston’s Red Line: Social Media PR Combats Proposition 8

    I rode the Red Line into our Boston office yesterday morning and was greeted as usual with the glow of smart phones in the hands of commuters. The difference this time was the repeated flicker of red squares skimming past on people’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. I pulled out my own phone to check up on the club I hadn’t been invited to.  As a… Read more »

Cory Booker, Super Mayor

Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J. is not new to the Twitter scene.  He’s long been an example of how politicians can effectively use social media to engage and help constituents. But, in the wake of the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy to the New Jersey and New York region last week, Booker has taken his Twitter game to the next level. Booker took to Twitter… Read more »

The So What of Social

As PR professionals it’s our job to be on top of news at it breaks. While the news may one day be about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and the recent death of musical and broadcast legend Dick Clark the next, being in the know allows us to not only understand the world around us and hot topics, but also provides our clients with an invaluable resource.