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honoring DE+I Beyond Black History Month

As February comes to a close, so too does Black History Month – an important and annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. For the past four weeks, we’ve seen organizations of all shapes and sizes recognize this observance with social media content, company-wide activities and other commitments. Our approach at Matter has always been… Read more »

Women at Matter: Barriers + Challenges in the Workplace and Beyond

In honor of Women’s History Month, our Women’s Professionals Circle is conducting an interview series highlighting perspectives of some of Matter’s female leaders on the issues and challenges women face in the workplace, in our culture and at home. After voting on which topics our group wanted the interviewees to shed light on, we’ll be focusing on “Barriers + Challenges,” “Parenting + Working,” and “Advice to Younger Women +… Read more »

Black History – and Black Culture – Matters All Year Long, Not Just in February

Yesterday marked the first day of Black History Month – an annual celebration of achievements by Black individuals and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. As my colleague Marissa Lindstrom stated in her email to our agency announcing the ways we are marking the occasion this year, it’s an opportunity to celebrate and learn about the contributions of African Americans — because… Read more »

How Social Media Is Increasing Visibility for Non-Binary People

Today, we’re celebrating International Non-Binary People’s Day! Non-Binary People’s Day is recognized around the world as an occasion to shine a light on those who identify as non-binary and celebrate the rich diversity of the community.  The term “non-binary” describes someone who does not identify exclusively with the binary gender terms of male or female. Non-binary people may identify as being both a man and a woman or as falling completely outside these categories. Some non-binary people also identify as transgender, though not all… Read more »

Matter Accelerates Diversity + Inclusion Initiatives in 2020: Joins MassTLC’s Tech Compact

With so many racially divisive events and tragedies dominating the news cycle, taking over social media and transforming our conversations, it’s worth restating that diversity and inclusion is exceptionally important to us at Matter. As this summer marked two years since Matter’s D&I initiative and Diversity Committee kicked off, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and – more importantly –… Read more »