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Media on the Move: Week of December 18

The media industry continues to see downsizing with Buzzfeed and ESPN announcing 100-plus personnel layoffs and CBS starting its staff reductions as well. Still, while many publications report decreasing readership, we see a glimmer of hope with The New York Times sharing that its audience has doubled over the past two years. In addition to shrinking newsrooms, we’re in the middle of a national reckoning over… Read more »

Q&A with Don Davis, Editor-In-Chief at Internet Retailer

We sat down with Don Davis, Editor At Large at e-commerce news & research firm Internet Retailer. He is a New York native and Yale graduate. Matter (M): Don, how long have you been a journalist? Where’d you get your start? Don Davis (DD): I began my first reporting job in June 1970, right after graduating from college. The job was at the Springfield Union, a… Read more »

Media on the Move: Week of August 28

In recent weeks, we continue to see publications announcing redesigns or changes in production. This is likely due to the cost of printing and a continued move to digital for most readers, but the changes are significant. Notably, Cooking Light, owned by Time Inc., and Men’s Fitness, owned by American Media Inc., both announced they will undergo noticeable changes within the coming months. Bloomberg News: Doni… Read more »

Media on the Move Week of July 31

In recent weeks, we see the continued trend of shrinking newsrooms. Notable publications like the LA Times and Barron’s lost key members of their staffs for unannounced reasons, and a handful of outlets are paring down their reporting staff and instead relying more heavily on editors to develop content. This type of downsizing is not new to the media industry, but it does continue to stress… Read more »

Media on the Move: Week of July 17

As reporter shakeups continue, we also are starting to see a trend in publications streamlining their areas of focus. Likely due to smaller editorial staffs, major outlets are paring down their lists of series, columns and blogs and are instead focusing largely on breaking news and company stories. Here’s a look at what media moves were made recently: Bloomberg News: Sarah Kopit is promoted to managing… Read more »

Media on the Move: Week of June 19

We continue to see major shakeups going on across the media, but specifically among business press. This past week was marked by significant layoffs at both Huffington Post and Time Inc. These announcements come just weeks after IDG reported a total overhaul following its acquisition, and we do not expect the trend to stop here. Keep an eye out for a continually changing media landscape in… Read more »

How Lawyers Can Become Valuable Resources for Journalists (and Get Quoted)

Given the number of attorneys in the United States (some 1.2 million practicing ones), it seems unlikely that the majority of these lawyers can become trusted resources for journalists. It is possible, and before such a union can materialize, there are rules that apply for both parties. The below focuses on a lawyer’s role in forming a mutually beneficial relationship with reporters. Rule 1. The Media… Read more »

Brian Williams, Jon Stewart and the Shifting Media Landscape

Since the time that I was in college, people have been talking about the “death” of print journalism and the shifting media landscape. We talked about it so much in fact, that my then journalism-major girlfriend wound up becoming my lawyer fiancé. Between a PR pro and a lawyer, I’m not sure which side of our union best represents the “dark side” – but I digress…. Read more »

All the Self-Promotion That's Fit to Print

Ever been tempted to pay for a PR placement? You pitch the perfect story and the editor just won’t bite.  You go back a second time with no luck, so you think to yourself: “Man, I wish I could pay to slip this story in. The readers will find it valuable.” Unfortunately, you can’t do that (at ethical pubs) so you go back to the drawing… Read more »

FACT: PR People Earn More Than Reporters

Every reporter and PR person knows that there exists a love/hate relationship between the two factions. Reporters get annoyed by impersonal, spammy, spray-and-pray pitches. They don’t like being pestered by pushy PR people paid to peddle people and products. Cutesy alliteration grates on their nerves. PR folks, on the other hand, sometimes find reporters rude, unresponsive and occasionally sneaky, such as when they agree to a… Read more »