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Trend Alert: Personalization is Changing PR

I chose a career in PR because of the ever-changing nature of the industry. I can never expect the same day-to-day with my consumer clients due to the unpredictability of the retail industry and the enhancement of technology. It’s so important to stay in tune with the hottest trends, but one trend that has not only been pertinent to my consumer accounts, but across a wide… Read more »

3 Ways to Win at Social Media (like the CIA)

I’d like to congratulate the U.S. Government. You’re winning at public relations right now. No, really. Two well-known and often maligned government agencies have found respective niches to educate and entertain, helping to project a friendlier image to the masses. There’s a few lessons we can all learn from their social media triumphs. Let’s start with the CIA. The agency renowned for keeping tight lips about… Read more »

From Boston to Portland: a PR Brainstorm

Everyone knows the common saying among creative professionals: “There’s never a dumb idea while brainstorming.” Jokes aside, being a member of the Matter Communications team, whether in Portland or Newburyport, we often find ourselves searching for creative ideas among our colleagues, both on and off the account in question, to expand our clients’ reach within their respective industries. Matter has developed such a strong repertoire of… Read more »

PR: Is Proximity Relative?

As the newest team member at Matter Communications in Portland, OR, I take time to reflect on the words of one of the most influential voices of my generation to help make my transition as seamless as possible: “When opportunity knocks, you better let him in. Sit him on down and try to be his friend.” I’ve taken Coolio’s words to heart during my first month… Read more »