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Q&A with Public Relations Analytics Expert Russ Somers of TrendKite

Jesse Ciccone, VP at Matter and resident measurement enthusiast, recently sat down with Russ Somers, VP Marketing at TrendKite, a PR Analytics software platform to discuss data and measurement in public relations. Russ has spent his career in the marketing analytics and technology industry with companies like Hoover’s, Invodo (where he was a Matter client for several years!), SonarDesign, and Dell, and is a frequent speaker… Read more »

Let’s Get Real About PR Measurement & ROI

The question of how to measure the ROI of PR (and social media and influencer relations…) is as old as the industry itself. But we have collectively and consistently failed to come up with “the answer” that rings true to believers and satisfies skeptics. (Yes, both do exist!) The reason we have failed isn’t because we are lazy or stupid or unwilling to be accountable. It’s… Read more »

Fall is in the Air

Although I for one, am sad to say goodbye to summer, there is something refreshing about the change in seasons. And, this week at Matter fall is certainly already in the air. It’s in the cooler breeze blowing off the ocean, it’s in the hours of football watched this weekend (perhaps it’s in the collective groan of colleagues with significant others who insist on these hours… Read more »