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Tale of the Boomerang Employee: Why I left and Then Returned

Most Millennials will agree being in today’s workforce is hard. Not for the reason of actually working – because that in and of itself is challenging – but more as it relates to the number of opportunities available to us. There is so much we can do, see, explore and offer that sometimes it’s hard to say no to new opportunities. This past Spring, I found myself… Read more »

Stop Bashing Millennials – Especially in PR

This post originally appeared in PRWeek. It’s become something of a sport for social media and business types to beat up on the youngsters joining the ranks of PR: They’re too self-absorbed. They don’t think long-term. They feel entitled. They ignore some forms of punctuation – and overuse others!!!! I say knock it off with the youth-bashing, folks. Every older generation since the beginning of time… Read more »