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5 Things PR Firms Can Learn from the New England Patriots

It’s NFL playoff time, and the New England Patriots are again looking like league leaders. With a weekend win over Indianapolis, our boys are packing their bags and preparing for what will surely be a tough test when they play the Broncos this coming weekend. The recent performance of the Patriots reminds me a lot of the results generated by the top-notch public relations and social… Read more »

Krafting A Crisis Communications Response

How would you like to be Stacey James these days? For the uninitiated, James is the Vice President of Media Relations for the New England Patriots, a position he’s held for twenty years.  He’s been here through the really bad times, through three Super Bowls wins and two heartbreaking losses, through the very public and very messy Bill Parcells-Robert Kraft divorce, through Spygate and more.  He’d… Read more »