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NYC dinner parties, joggling and PR

An article by New York Times writer Nick Bilton hit home, (well, PR home) recently.  Bilton’s Oct. 14 piece, “Disruptions: Seeking Privacy in a Networked Age” referenced a dinner party he hosted at which many of his guests (including Om Malik) were posting to social media sites, all while noshing on pulled pork tacos and clinking glasses filled with red wine. And what ended up happening?… Read more »

Should small businesses hire PR firms?

This morning, the New York Times blog “You’re the boss” included an entry written by Jennifer Walzer, founder and chief executive of Backup My Info!. In the post, Jennifer offers her advice to other small business owners who want to get ink and suggests that it’s not necessary to hire a PR firm. She highlights some fantastic tips and I certainly don’t disagree with most of… Read more »

Honoring those lost on Sept. 11, 2001, and the journalistic efforts that ensure we never forget

Like so many people, I was driving to work this morning, piecing together memories of this day eight years ago. It was day two of my journalism internship at the local newspaper and, as I waltzed through the door at 9 a.m., I was startled by a blockade of writers and photographers hovered around the newsroom’s sole television set, mouths agape, some with tears in their… Read more »

NYT on the gray areas between blog reviews and paid endorsements…

There’s been quite a bit of buzz lately about the FTC’s proposed guidelines regarding marketing and endorsements related to bloggers and online media in general. We’ve been closely tracking it since many of our clients pursue coverage on blogs, especially since consumers increasingly rely on third parties and their peers to give no-nonsense product reviews before they make a purchase.