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Pilgrimage to Portland

Traveling from time to time is something you sign up for when making the choice to pursue a career in video production. It can be very exciting at times; getting to check out new places that you otherwise might never think of visiting. And although video production is a creative field, there are certainly those other times when the required tasks during the trip aren’t as… Read more »

The PR Power of Pink Surgical Gloves

Visual storytelling.  For much of the year I’ve been talking with colleagues, prospects and clients about the powerful and very real impact that this kind of story-telling has on any communications initiative. Obvious to any audience who experiences and embraces visual elements, the impact of these story-telling tools has been proven by countless marketing studies. It’s a fact that supporting your PR and social media campaigns… Read more »

The PR That Fuels Election Day

Fall is fully upon us – and there’s no looking back now. The leaves have fallen from the trees and the clocks are set back marking an earlier end to the light of day.  It’s playoff time for high school sports – the undefeated girls soccer team here in Newburyport seems to be on a particular roll – plans are being made for Thanksgiving, and our… Read more »