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What Really Counts As News?

  Great for media alerts. These milestones aren’t significant enough to knock anyone off the front page, but their urgency still warrants some timely attention from the media. New/re-designed websites Event participation/attendance Webinars or seminars Major product promotions Annual reports eBooks or whitepapers   Great for social sharing and direct customer engagement. Advanced targeting allows you to connect your audiences to the elements of your brand… Read more »

The Art of Newsjacking: Four Strategies for PR Success

Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas (or your client’s) into a breaking news story to obtain media coverage and ultimately elevate the brand. Since most clients aren’t wired with a journalist’s brain, it’s our job as PR pros to make those connections and advise clients appropriately. By newsjacking, PR teams can catapult their client into the forefront of trending conversations that are… Read more »

All the Fake News That’s Fit to Argue About

As you might’ve heard, we had an election this past November. Perhaps you were living under a rock in a locked container that was hermetically sealed and then buried in the earth’s mantle before going on a top-secret mission to the planet’s core? Yeah, you probably still heard. Along with tax returns, email servers and plenty of other subjects, fake news on social media platforms was… Read more »

How Delta and Lyft Capitalized on Competitor PR Crises

We often counsel our PR clients in times of crisis. With the rate at which news travels, it’s imperative to quickly respond and take control of a negative situation – before it takes control of the narrative. This hyper-aware and “always-on” mindset is not just important for companies reacting to their own bad news, but also for responding to a competitor’s PR nightmare. Recently we’ve seen… Read more »

Leaders Matter: Announcing an Agency President

Today, Mandy Mladenoff was promoted to President here at Matter. In her new position, Mandy will guide our agency’s strategy while managing our dynamite people, and she will be even more active in planning for our future growth. She will provide teams with direction, clients with counsel, and lead our offices with the smart, savvy and engaging professional demeanor that has been a constant throughout her… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Digital Video Will Win The Decade

Last week at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer at YouTube, presented the keynote on why digital video will win the decade – and video and content marketers should take note. But before diving in, let’s refer back to 2012 when Kyncl made some bold predictions. He said that by 2020, “90% of all internet traffic was going to be video traffic,”… Read more »

PR Pros: How To Get Your Morning News Fix

As any PR pro knows, staying plugged in to the news is a must. Everything from world headlines to national stories, tech trends, pop culture, and whatever’s trending day-to-day on social media – staying ‘in the know’ helps us be creative and gives us an edge when pitching fresh, new angles to reporters. That’s great, but who has the time, patience and attention span to absorb… Read more »

The World According to Reddit

Even if you’ve never been to Reddit.com, you’re definitely familiar with many of the stories on the wildly popular site that dubs itself “The front page of the Internet.” That’s because every news organization/blog you’re familiar with scans Reddit for interesting stories cultivated by the company’s highly engaged (read: addicted) user base. Reddit’s front page aggregates stories and pictures from some of the more interesting “sub… Read more »

George Zimmerman “Not Guilty”: Social Media Erupts in Protest to Verdict

On Saturday night, July 13th, it was announced that George Zimmerman received a “not guilty” verdict after the much anticipated trial for a crime that had been heavily publicized from the start. If you are active on social media, you knew the verdict at least 24 hours ago, and you also probably know all about the Trayvon Martin shooting that occurred in late February.     … Read more »

Great Places to Work Matter

Matter Communications was named among the Boston Business Journal’s 2012 “Best Places to Work.” That’s a big deal to us, because our employees nominated the company, and it was their surveys that won us the honor. We all work hard and also take the time to make our work environment supportive, creative and fun! There was plenty to see at the BBJ’s breakfast honoring all the… Read more »

How to blog like a lobster dealer

My favorite blog isn’t a newspaper site. It’s a blog by a lobster dealer who started working on the docks when he was 9 years old. Good Morning Gloucester gives a daily snapshot of life in Gloucester, Mass., the nation’s oldest fishing harbor. It’s hugely popular, with 22,000 to 30,000 page views per day.

2011 News Media: You got your news from what!?

As a newbie to the PR world, I’m learning something new every day. The same could be said, however, for the PR world itself. The other day, Mashable.com featured a piece called “10 Predictions for the News Media in 2011”, which discussed predictions about the manner in which people will gather news in the year 2011 (from smartphones, iPads, etc.). While this article touched on some… Read more »